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All about Ancient Malana village of Himachal

Malana village is an ancient village situated near the banks of Malana Nala, a tributary stream of Parvati valley of Kullu District.
malana village himachal
Malana Village

Malana trek for visitors

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This place is famous for many reasons like natural beauty, great history and off course most probably the "Malana Cream".
malana cream
Malana women making malana cream

Malana Cream is one of the most Expensive Hashish in the world.

malana weed

The village is isolated from the rest of the world
It is one of the oldest villages of India.

Malana village

Origin of Malana cream

Malana cream is a term given to the strain cannabis hashish, it has high oil content inside.
malana cream

It is also the most expensive hashish in Amsterdam where cannabis is legal.

Amsterdam weed

We all know that malana village is mostly famous for its high-quality hashish which has huge demand in India and the world.

Tourists across the world visit here for this cream and also see the unique culture of malana village.

people of malana used to grow the cannabis for their personal and cultural use only.

But after knowing its value and demand in the international and domestic markets they started to cultivate it as a cash crop.
malana weed
Malana Cannabis crop

Now cannabis cultivation is very common in the high and remote areas of Kullu District.
Malana cream crop
Malana women cultivating Cannabis

You will get surprised when small kids in the Malana village will offer you to buy hash.
malana hash
7-year-old Malana kid making  hash
Now a days malana is getting modernize by the efforts of the govt. and changing shift of thought from the villagers.

Many Malana people have sent their children outside the village for good education.
Malana school
Mid Day Meal at Malana school

As long as malana cream is there , money is not a problem for these people, but still they prefer to live a simple tribal  life according to the laws of their village god jamlu.
Jamlu devta temple
Wall of jamlu Devta temple

In spite of several actions of the police, people are still cultivating the cannabis crop in the top and far most area of the village, where it is very difficult for police to reach.
Malana himachal
Kullu poice cutting cannabis plants in Malana

What do you think about it?
It is the only income source for this village who was isolated from the mainstream since many years.

Malana cream cannabis

Malana culture

lets know about its historical and cultural background.
you will find this really interesting that people of Malana have a unique identity.

Some theories states that Malana village was founded by the remnant of Alexander the Great's Army.

Just like Greece Malana people has its own Democracy and Structured parliamentary system.
People of Malana consider themselves as the oldest republic of the world.
Jamlu Devta Temple
Village Meeting in Jamlu Temple

The local administration of the village is governed by the Council of 11 members which are considered as representatives of their spiritual Devta(Deity) Jamlu Rishi.

They believe that their village is ruled or protected by their Deity Jamlu rishi(sage), also known as the Jamdagni rishi in the Puranas.

jamlu rishi
Jamdagni rishi of puranas

The Decision of village council will be final because this Decision is performed by the local ritual of Deuli,which means taking advice from the Deity jamlu rishi of the village.

This ritual is performed the shamans of the malana village which are also known as Gurs.

let me explain this whole concept in brief.

Concept of Devtas in kullu

In Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, almost every village has its own Devta or you can say a sacred spirit which is there to protect the village.

These spirits are basically the manifestation of Different attributes of one God.

lets say you are a one god but you have different attributes,sometimes you are happy,angry,sad etc.

These are your different attributes but you are still the very same person.

similarly,these spirits or devtas which people  worships are considered as different form of one single entity that is the god.
Each village has Different rules and regulations as guided by their local devta

Every Devta has its own Shaman which is considered as the representative or dalegat of that devta or diety.

It is believed that when these Shamans are in the state of trance, they can communicate with the deity of that village.

That is how the rules of the villages are set in kullu villages, including Malana.

Look at the video trailer of shamans of himalyas and see how these shamans are going in the deep trance mode and connecting with sacred spirits.  

Shamans of Himalyas

The village council of malana is elected by the political system similar to ancient greece thats why Malana is often called as the Athens of Himalayas.

History of Malana

There are many thories regarding the origin of malana village:

Aryan Theory

Malana people

History of Malana village is very interesting and had many theories and facts in it.
According to the Legends Jamlu rishi which is known as Jamdagani rishi in Puranas, inhabited this place and made the rules and regulations for the village.

He showed people of malana right way of living their lives and he was very powerful sage with immense knowledge and spiritual power.

Jamlu was also worshiped during the pre-Aryan times, that's why some Historian consider people of malanas as Descendants of aryans.
This is one side of the theory there is another theory regarding this point.

Descendant of Alexander

Another theory states that when Alexander defeated Indian king Porus near the Banks of the Beas river, His soldiers got tired and were returning to home along with Alexander.

Some of his soldiers got too tired to return and they decided to settle down near the banks and people of malana are may be there descendants.

The facial features and resemblance of malana people are very much similar to the greeks and Romans.
malana girl
people of Malana village considers all outsiders as untouchables because they are the descendant of Alexander the great and they belong to Aryan race.
jamlu temple
Walls of jamlu temple

No outsider can touch the walls of lord jamlu temple which is their supreme deity.

Oldest democracy of the world

Malana history

It is believed that malana is one of the oldest republics of the world.
The Mughal ruler Akbar visited to cure his disease in the ancient village of malana.

He was successfully cured there, hence he decided that all the villagers of malana will never pay any tax, as Mughals used to collect taxes from non-Muslims which was known as Jaz HIA.

There is a goden statue of Akbar in the malana village which he has offered as a gift of gesture to the lord jamlu.

Malana village was socially Isolated from the rest of the world since 1996.

All the dispute and problems were used to solved by the local authorities of the village.

But with the advent of time govt. of India began to modernize the village by providing schools, roads, electricity and health care to the village.

But still now, Malana people settle their disputes in the court of god jamlu in a proper democratic way.

Documentary on Malana village

There are many documentary movies featured for the Malana village.
One of them is Goonj , in which has featured the growing influence of cannabis crop in the valley.

see the documentary and decide yourself.

So this was all about malana cream and ancient village of malana.
Give your comments and views about it.

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